Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mother Of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Thanks Supporters

By Jerry Smith Jan 22 2011

The mother of WikiLeaks' editor and founder Julian Assange has used a rally in Brisbane yesterday to thank supporters worldwide. A statement from Christine Assange was read to the assembled supporters of the whistleblowing website.

“The power of the people should never be underestimated by the powerful,” said the statement from Mrs Assange, who has not spoken publicly since her son was released on High Court bail last month."

“It is obvious he has the support of the people but has made some enemies among the powerful."

“These powerful forces have intervened to tie up monies that were designated for Julian’s increasing legal costs."

“It would appear that the Swedish Government is attempting to mount a case with unlimited funds against an individual whose accounts have been frozen."

“In Australia we don’t consider this a fair go.”

Mrs Assange visited her son in London when he was released on bail before Christmas, and told the rally yesterday there was a donation fund set up to help the WikiLeaks editor fund his legal team.

With Hollywood planning a movie about Julian Assange it begs the question: Who will play the WIkileaks founder and his mother?

Producers Barry Josephson and Michelle Krum snapped up the rights to the forthcoming biography of Julian Assange called The Most Dangerous Man in the World, by Australian journalist Andrew Fowler.

Mr. Fowler first interviewed Assange last May, and his investigative biography is due out later this year. The book follows Assange's life from his childhood to the present, including the founding of WikiLeaks in 2006 and the recent controversies concerning the disclosure of secret US government diplomatic and military documents.

Assange is currently in London. living at the home of Vaughan Smith, where he is battling extradition to Sweden over sex-crime allegations.

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