Sunday, January 30, 2011

WikiLeaks Style Websites Are Everywhere

By Jerry Smith Jan 30 2011

There seems to be a new WikiLeaks style website cropping up every minute now. WikiLeaks defectors have started "OpenLeaks', Al Jazeera has started 'Transparency Unit', in Russia there is 'RuLeaks' and in Europe, two sites both called 'GreenLeaks', among others.

Some sites like 'GreenLeaks' specialize in leaking confidential documents involving environmental abuses, while others, like WikiLeaks, have no speciality.

Transparency Unit, Al Jazeera's in-house version of WikiLeaks, announced that they had received a large cache of confidential documents, referred to as the 'Palestine Papers'. The papers reveal diplomatic negotiations between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the United States trying to further peace in the Middle East.

The two competing GreenLeaks sites were set up by Mads Bjerg in Copenhagen ( and Scott Millwood in Berlin (, and neither is happy.

Millwood told Reuters his group acquired the domain name GreenLeaks in 36 countries where it also has registered GreenLeaks internet addresses under the “.com” and “.biz” designators.

Millwood also said he has applied to the European Union to register “GreenLeaks” as a trademark, but learned that Bjerg’s group had made a similar move within days of his.

Millwood said that there was “one inactive domain name that we don’t own”, Bjerg’s domain, “”, and that one of the domains he registered himself is “”, a domain name specifically related to Denmark. Millwood acknowledged the rivalry between the two groups could escalate into a “legal dispute.”

Recently the domain name had expired and there was speculation that Julian Assange would buy it, and he has.

Wikia Inc. originally registered the domain name for defensive reasons after launched, and was recently trying to transfer the domain to Assange, who failed to accept and the domain expired.

The domain name was renewed today and is now registered to Julian Assange, according to the whois information.

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