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Assange On SBS Dateline And WikiLeaks Documentary To Air Sunday : Video

By Jerry Smith Feb 13 2011

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sits down with Dateline's Mark Davis to talk about Australia, the many unflattering books being written about him and much more. The program is scheduled to air Sunday night on SBS.

Also Scheduled to air Sunday night on the Discovery Channel is 'WikiLeaks: War, Lies and Videotape', a hard-hitting documentary directed by investigative reporters Paul Moreira and Luc Hermann. The documentary includes interviews with Assange and other WikiLeaks journalists including Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who left and started rival site OpenLeaks.

Assange revealed in the interview with Davis that he could publish more material which may potentially compromise the Australian Government.

Assange said to Davis:
"'More material is coming out. It involves a number of large companies and politics, international politics. I don't want to go into any specific detail, obviously. This type of material covers all major issues, that is the nature of it."
Despite his distrust of the Australian Government, Assange would like to go back to Australia and said:
"The support from the Australian people is very strong. So, in that sense, Australia is a very good option."

"But, as we've seen with the statements, especially last year by [Prime Minister Julia Gillard] and [Attorney-General Robert McClelland], on the surface it will be all 'give the Australian people what they demand'; underneath it will be 'give the United States everything it wants'. And that's something we see even now with the recent statements made by Gillard."
WikiLeaks defector now rival Daniel Domscheit-Berg released a book titled 'Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website', with allegations of cat abuse, bad hygiene, poor table manners, and disagreements about Assange's handling of some matters related to the release of 'Collateral Murder', the video showing U.S. soldiers in an Apache helicopter killing Iraqi civilians and two Reuters reporters.

Assange claims the book “WikiLeaks : Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy”, written by two senior reporters from The Guardian, David Leigh and Luke Harding, and published by The Guardian, contains “malicious libels" about him and has said he will be taking legal action against The Guardian for printing it.

Davis remarks about the books being written about Assange:
"It's staggering how many people are writing books about him. Nearly all these books are betrayals. Those Guardian journalists knew him very intimately and he shared all sorts of confidences with them. He feels totally betrayed."
Assange is interviewed in 'WikiLeaks: War, Lies and Videotape' about WikiLeaks' beginnings and the organizations impact around the world.

Luc Hermann, one of the directors, said of filming the documentary:
“Making the film was extremely complex for Paul and I, at the most basic level in terms of getting close to Julian Assange and his team. We had to travel to London twice without a camera to convince them to talk to us on film. They were under immense pressure, and having witnessed the impact of their activities in recent months, it is now clear why they were so cautious of us and the documentary we wanted to make.”
Assange is waiting for the verdict from Judge Howard Riddle in his extradition hearing, which should be Feb 24. The Swedish police have not charged Assange with anything, but want him extradited to face questions about accusations of rape and sexual molestation made against him by Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin, which he denies.

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