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WikiLeaks And Assange News : Video

By Jerry Smith Apr 2 2011

Royal Navy medic Michael Lyons became a conscientious objector to the Afghanistan war after he read WikiLeaks.

Another WikiLeaks like website has cropped up called Porn Wikileaks that has released the real names of many porn stars, past and present.

And video, supposedly of Julian Assange dancing at a club in Iceland has surfaced.

Lyons, 24, said that he could no longer serve in Afghanistan on moral grounds after what he read on WikiLeaks. He is facing a wilful disobedience charge and told his court marshal hearing:
“I couldn’t serve on a moral ground."

“If more people in my position stood up, there would be less innocent lives lost.”
Lyons, who joined the Navy in 2005 and could face up to 10 years in prison, is the first person to appear before the Advisory Committee on Conscientious Objectors (ACCO) in 14 years.

Porn Wikileaks has revealed the real names and birthday's of more than 15,000 people in the porn industry, and in some cases, their addresses, phone numbers, Google Maps photos of their homes and information on their families, such as their phone numbers, addresses and places of business.

The information appears to come from the clinic where most porn stars get their HIV and STD testing done called the AIM Medical Associates P.C. clinic, formerly known as the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation.

In a statement released on their website Aim said:
AIM Medical Associates, P.C. is investigating the possibility of a criminal breach of the medical record database. Substantial amounts of information posted on the site in question could not come from the AIM* database because we do not possess that information. Specifically, home addresses and identification documents are not within the AIM* database. Other testing businesses may or may not have such information on their databases.

AIM is utilizing every available resource to conduct a thorough forensic investigation to confirm if a breach of security occurred here. If such a breach occurred, we shall take all available steps to see that the felonious behavior is criminally prosecuted to the maximum extent under the law. Accessing a database for improper purposes, violating medical privacy and extortion are all crimes in California. There is preliminary information indicating that criminal behavior by persons or entities may have occurred.

In any case, the malicious nature of the site cannot be overstated. It is reprehensible that the site characterizes all adult actresses as "whores," and refers to some women as "baby killers." It is gratifying that the website has been largely unavailable at least over the past few days. We hope the hosting company removes this scurrilous site altogether.
The clinic has an online database that is available to some porn producers and directors that allow them to look at the private medical information of actors, including HIV test results.

Jeffery Douglas, an attorney for the clinic, said that AIM officials believe the breach was done by outside hackers, not staff and have increased security. He said:
“Additional steps have been taken to protect the data. But until we know if a) the data was improperly accessed or b) how, I can’t tell you whether the steps were adequate. We’re doing the best we can given the information we have.”
It's not clear who owns Porn Wikileaks, but it is registered in the Netherlands.

Michael Weinstein, the president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said about the clinic and the privacy breach:
"The entire business model of the AIM clinic has been flawed from the start, and as a result, its patients' privacy has been violated. Performers -- not producers -- should be the ones to have password-protected access to their own testing results and health data from the AIM Testing Clinic. Performers should also be the ones who choose to share that information with producers they intend to work for. As it stands, AIM views the producers as their clients, not the performers walking through its doors each day to get tested."
An anonymous Porn Wikileaks administrator claims that the site is just getting started and said:
"Our goals with making the adult industry less corrupt and more open is kind of like the real WikiLeaks."

"We are getting leaks of 2257's, model releases and id cards like crazy. We are not ready to release them yet but we think sooner or later everything will be leaked to the public."
The anonymous Porn Wikileaks administrator also would not confirm of deny that the information came from AIM and said:
"We purposely encourage people to post as anonymously as possible using proxies and internet cafes when sending leaks so they can not be tracked and this leak came from a anonymous source that can not be tracked. It is possible some names came from AIM but with so many companies who knows. We would also guess that AIM's database would have a lot more names than what we got but who knows."
Here is video, supposedly of Julian Assange dancing at a club in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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